Martim Brion (Lisbon, 1986)

Martim Brion’s work investigates the continued aesthetic potential of a simplified language of colour and form. This investigation is carried out using two distinct approaches: the construction of objects and the recording of photographs. The objects and the photographs are in a dialogue: they approach the same problem or set of interests from two different angles. In the objects, colour is used to deconstruct the simplicity, setting up spatial questions that link the work to the surrounding architecture and how one perceives the object in the space, as well as painting.

Brion’s photographs, show a picture of the artist as observer and discoverer, looking at the world rather than trying to change it. The photographs find a similar formal language in reality to the one that is represented by the sculptures. If the sculptures appear to show themselves as primal, original objects, then the photographs link their language back to what already exists in reality.

First solo exhibition in Politécnica space, run by Artistas Unidos in 2014. Wins the Ibero-American prize by the Itaú Bank and the Brazilian Embassy in London in 2015. Exhibits in 2016 with Ado&Comenius at the project space, Rua Madalena Project in Lisbon. In 2017, makes the site-specific work, Rubicon, for the Museu de História Natural e da Ciência in Lisbon and studies at the Royal College of Arts in London. In 2018 does his first exhibition in Berlin, Kontrapunkt, at the Kunstraum Botschaft. In 2019 curates and participates in the exhibition “Areal3 – Uma exposição de António, Sofia e Martim Areal” in Mercado do Peixe from Carlos Reis Museum in Torres Novas. In the same year has a solo exhibition in Travessa da Ermida in Belém and curates and participates in the group exhibition “Espaço de Diálogo” in Leiria. In 2020, participates and co-organizes the exhibition “Incremental Abstractions” in Kunstverein Tiergarten and has a solo exhibition in MUDAS Museum of Contemporary in Madeira and in Galeria Sá da Costa in Lisbon. At the same time, organizes and co-curates with Tom Saunders the group exhibition “Uncertain Matter” in Lagos Cultural Centre. Lives and works in Munich.


MUDAS. Contemporary Art Museum of Madeira
Figueiredo Ribeiro Collection
Centro de Artes e Cultura de Ponte de Sor
Leiria Municipal Collection
Carlos Reis Museum
Lagos Cultural Centre Collection