Martim Brion told our newspaper that this exhibition presents a set of pieces from different and evolving years, being a “small panorama” of his work in general, a “dialogue between pieces from different periods and spaces”, also incorporating the interpretation of João Silvério, curator of the show ‘What is to be done?'”.
Médio Tejo Newspaper by Rafael Ascenção. Full Article

Interview by Jerónimo Jorge from Rádio Antena Livre/Jornal de Abrantes to Martim Brion and João Silvério. Interview

“Pleyer’s paintings are juxtaposed with the photographs of the Munich-based artist Martim Brion and the photographer Jürgen Bürgin. The former produces abstract-looking images. Bürgin from Berlin, on the other hand, shows nocturnal forays through large cities.” 2022 Süddeutsche Zeitung by Peter Becker Full Article

Point Counter Point, Martim Brion, Vila Nova da Barquinha, Galeria do Parque, João Pinharanda, Exhibition, Portugal

Point Counter Point is the name of the art exhibition by Martim Brion, considered one of the most promising names in contemporary art in Portugal, which is on show in Vila Nova da Barquinha (Galeria do Parque)” 2022 Médio Tejo by Rafael Ascenção Full Article

Martim Brion, Pedro Boese, Tom Saunders, Dieter Hammer, Oqbo, Exhibition, Berlin

“Things are picking up again at the Opbo gallery in Wedding. Eight artists from Germany and France are each showing” 2022 TIP Berlin by Claudia Wahjudi and Ina Hildebrandt Full Article

Point Counter Point, Martim Brion, Sculpture

The artist Martim Brion will exhibit at the Galeria do Parque, in Vila Nova da Barquinha, between March 5 and May 28. “Point Counter Point” is sponsored by EDP Foundation and curated by João Pinharanda. Martim Brion is one of the new values of contemporary art in Portugal. 2022 Mais Ribatejo Full Article

Point Counter Point, Martim Brion, Sculpture

“Martim Brion, taking up this tradition and heritage, does not simply continue it, but creates a set of uneasy texts and unstable sculptures: on the one hand, what is described in the texts is not present, which forces us to think about the fragility of the real…” 2022 Beira News by José Lagiosa Full Article

Martim Brion - Galeria Sá da Costa - Lisboa

“Martim Brion recently presented at Galeria Sá da Costa, in Lisbon, the exhibition Intersection Points. The title clearly explains one of the most important aspects of the artist’s current research, which consists of the fading – or abolition – of the frontiers that normally separate painting from sculpture and these two from photography.” 2021 Umbigo Magazine by José Sousa Machado Full Article

“Martim in MUDAS Museum in Madeira with a solo exhibition”
2020 RTP 1 by Claúdia Sequeira Video

Martim Brion MUDAS Museu Museum Madeira Exhibition

“Repetitions – Incremental Changes, a new solo exhibition by Martim Brion in MUDAS Museum of Contemporary Art”
2020 Antena 1 by Marta Cília Audio

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