Boese, Brion e Tecedeiro

Group exhibition 17th of March until 19th of May 2018

Exhibition with Pedro Boese, Martim Brion and André Tecedeiro
Ponte de Sor Cultural Centre

Text Laura Falé
Text Martim Brion

Press: Médio Tejo

“(…) Os volumes compactos de Martim Brion, as grelhas simultaneamente incompletas e rigorosas de Pedro Boese e as reconstruções de André Tecedeiro são três pensamentos distintos sobre ordem, controle, forma e volume. (…)” Full Text.

“(…) The idea was thus to show these objects in a way that the viewer will be able to observe the changing patterns between the works, while at the same time fusing them or focusing on their antagonist qualities – it is a blending process as much as it is a contrasting one. One can view this exhibition as a wave circulating in 360 degrees through the works, with its ups and downs and disruptions – the connecting space, the space in-between – its wavelength.” Full Text