Form Constriction

Group exhibition, 8th of April until 14th of May 2022 in Galerie Oqbo, Berlin

Tom Saunders, Martim Brion, Isabel Kerkermeier, Michael Bause, Vera Hilger, Thorben Eggers, Dieter Hammer and Pedro Boese

Curated by Martim Brion
Text by Martim Brion

Press: TIP Berlin

“Humans are adaptable, arguably very adaptable, that’s one of the reasons we have colonized the whole planet and now sit on top of the food chain. This adaptability is very evident in the artistic field, it is what most artists do in order to create and also to survive in a difficult field. In an exhibition, the space is a restriction, the media used another, one’s work capability, the budget available, many factors are restrictors, the main one being one’s own imagination, this is the one which will decide how far one is capable of going.” Martim Brion Full Text

Photographs by Thomas Bruns