Here | Aqui

Group Exhibition 13th of October until the 13th of November 2016

Together with Ado&Comenius at Rua da Madalena Project, curated by Andreas Blättler, at Espaço Madalena, Lisbon

“Both Jahic & Röthlisberger and Brion’s starting point is the famous excerpt by Luís de Camões: “Here, where the land ends and the sea begins”. Tipping in-between the end and the beginning or land and sea, HERE becomes the perfect metaphor for the genuine artistic drive to alter or to make a difference. Matching a point of no return, this drive harvests its energy merely out of the tension between the never-ending possibilities of all matters and its necessity, in the visual arts, to be carefully materialized and restrained to become an aesthetical object. Thus, HERE embodies a perpetual state of flux, changes in material, objectives, horizons, moves, and the ultimate human index where every decision is madness. What are we going to do HERE in our day-to-day situations – artistically, politically or socially?” – Andreas Blättler