Incremental Abstractions

Group exhibition, 24th of January until 7th of March 2020

Ilona Kálnoky, Jaacov Blumas, Katrin Bremermann, Martim Brion, Michaela Zimmer and Pedro Boese in Kunstverein Tiergaten, Berlin.

Text by Jens-Ole Rey

Press:, Berliner Woche

“How the incremental changes from the early twentieth century, where abstraction became a staple of western art to the addition of conceptual views, new materials, popular references and other changes and additions, led to now; an art with many more possibilities, more interpretations, but also with more noise and confusion. Freedom and choice as never before, but also an art more aware of its own shortcomings and underrepresented constituents. Incremental changes towards the unknown.”

Photographs by Thomas Brunn