Intersection Points

Solo exhibition, 29th of October until the 18th of December 2020

Texts by Ricardo Escarduça and Martim Brion

Press: José Sousa Machado for Umbigo Magazine

“A conversation about art with Martim Brion naturally involves an investigation of the fundamentals of form and a work process which, through this search, conveys the intersection of knowledge, questions and passions. From these exchanges, a reference to E. H. Gombrich emerges: “The Sculptor usually abstracts the three-dimensional form, and abstracts from colour (…) “. This gesture, circumscribed to the field of art as well as extended to life in general, appeals to the abstraction of the form as much as to that of the idea. In his own words, Brion searches “for the materialization of ideas, concepts, feelings, problems, arguments, by the artist, for the artist and the public”. […]” – Ricardo Escarduça

Video by Henrique Brazão
Photography by António Jorge Silva