Solo Exhibition 11th of January until 6th of February 2018 at Kunstraum Botschaft in Berlin, Germany

Text Kristina von Bülow of Novokolorit
Text Martim Brion

Press: Jornal de Letras

“(…) While the photographs are intuitive excerpts of the Here and Now, the sculptures stand for the matured thought process. The photographs, as spontaneous, abstract sketches of reality, allow for associative freedom – projection planes and substrates on which ideas are being developed before manifesting as sculptures in the space. Contrarily, the sculptures are closed systems, which is described by the sleek surfaces, the geometric shapes and clear colours. Their solid presence in the space is the counterpoint [Kontrapunkt] to the playful flow of the photographs. Both poles, in their variegated forms of appearance, condition and sustain one another in an open dialogue of theses and antitheses.” Full Text
“"– Kristina von Bülow


“It is the counter-point of the dimensional part of my work. The bi-dimensional plain where a quick thought process is present, where the work derives from a snapshot and nothing more, with a focus on the there and now, the visual – colours, shapes, light. It is the antithesis of the sculptural work – the tri-dimensional – thought and matured over a long period of time. One is the intuitive, instinctive and the other the reflective, prepared, strategized even. Even though there is an antithesis of process, the starting point and the endpoints are the same. This counterpoint is in a sense a dialogue, different opinions of colour and shape paired together in counterpoint and dialoguing with each other. In a wider sense, this is what makes us humans, this humanity conceived in dialogue, this Greek Philanthropia in order to arrive at a point of truth; although, this truth as Lessing very well exemplifies should be taken lightly and not followed orthodoxly – and the cycle re-starts – In life, as in Art, a discussion with the self, the previous and current artists and the public.”
– Martim Brion

  • Martim Brion - Kunstraum Botschaft - Berlin
  • Martim Brion - Kunstraum Botschaft - Berlin
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  • Martim Brion Kunstraum Botschaft
  • Martim Brion - Kunstraum Botschaft - Berlin