Matter informs form – language informs thought

Solo exhibition, 7th of July until the 2nd of September 2022 at Galeria Nave, Lisbon, Portugal

Texts by João Pinharanda and Martim Brion

“Abstractions, to abstract something, to take it completely out of the physical, but not into the mystical, one takes it into a more scientific realm, of dissection, of constituent parts, a zoom in into one’s surroundings, ideas, visions. However, it can also be a zoom-out, the formation of patterns of a wider view from a myriad of seemingly disconnected components, Chaos has a pattern ultimately, even though the zoom-out is a harder feat to pull and less relatable as it depersonalizes and as humans, we are terrible at being able to look at things not through ourselves, worse than even looking at things through ourselves[…].” – Martim Brion

Photographs by Bruno Lopes