Res Extensa

Solo exhibition, 3rd of December 2020 until the 15th of February 2022 at Centro Cultural Raiano

Text by Martim Brion

“From the Latin “extended thing” it is also a philosophical concept introduced by Descartes and further developed by Leibniz.

In this case, it refers to the polarity of one’s work and its extension or expansion into other fields. The form is mutable and malleable and this leads to different points of finality in the form. One can expand one’s work in many ways, in a straight line, evolving from one point to the next and so forth, with small additions in between; one can jump from one place to the next and parachute into a completely different reality of expression or one can merge the two approaches and parachute in but with a connecting rope, this allows for a stronger conversation between the different approaches.” […] (Full Text)

Photography by Martim Brion