Uncertain Matter

Group exhibition, 27th of October until 31st of December 2020

Tom Saunders, Silke Weißbach and Martim Brion, in Lagos Cultural Centre, Lagos.

Text by Tom Saunders

Press: Correio de Lagos, Jornal do Algarve

Matérias Incertas (Uncertain Matter) brings together three international, interdisciplinary artists whose works explore in different ways the tangibility of material in the digital age. Featuring video, sculpture, glass, print, and installation, their works filter a concern with formal aesthetics and abstraction through an expanded material palette. Whilst each artist makes works that are strongly visual, their processes of production are highly mediated and complex. They reflect both an awareness of how the experience of digital worlds has altered our relationship with matter, and a desire to innovate relative to modernist art history.” […] – Tom Saunders

Photographs by Tom Saunders